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About Us

KMH International Scouting Group is an international scouting service dedicated to supporting collegiate Women’s Basketball programs at all levels by identifying international talent that fits the needs of their program. Throughout that process, our Group also assists Women’s Basketball players from around the world who want to study and play at Colleges and Universities in the United States. Whether it is Division I, II, Junior College or NAIA, KMH International is determined to find the right fit for programs and players.

KMH International Scouting Group is based on professionalism, integrity, honesty and a personalized approach. It seeks to carry out this mission in serving both collegiate Women’s Basketball programs and coaches as well as international players.

Our Program

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With a subscription to KMH International Scouting Group, you will receive information on all recruiting classes, including in-depth player profiles with video, contact information, academic and athletic background, and any other pertinent information.  

A one-year subscription to our service costs $1,000. This is a one-year flat rate.

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